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Chrome Whore
2009 Sep 6 • 2547
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Is there a brush that can prevent the bomb from being in a place?



the |--| is a brush (box)
the x is the empty space between the boxes.
I want it so that they can't be on top of the box and plant the bomb and have it fall down in the x area so the cts cant get it (its not big enough to fit a person through) is there a brush I can put in the x area that will prevent that?

Will the clip texture work?
2010 May 30 at 13:58 PDT
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2009 Nov 13 • 2045
sprinkles said:

Will the clip texture work?

2010 May 30 at 14:59 PDT
Rocket Man

2007 Nov 6 • 2525
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It does work, in fact I made a map using that a long time ago (but I won't upload it since it's crap)
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2010 May 31 at 01:12 PDT
Homicidal Anatidae

2008 Mar 5 • 1169
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The brush-entity func_bomb_target is used to define the bomb-site, maybe you can build it using multiple brushes around the x-area?
2010 May 31 at 04:20 PDT — Ed. 2010 May 31 at 04:22 PDT

2005 Mar 20 • 6343
Are you guys sure about that? I really wouldn't expect CLIP to solve this.

You can make the func_bomb_target out of as many brushes as you like. I would just construct the bomb target in such a way that you can only plant where you decide.

Alternatively, you should be able to fill in the hole with an invisible solid. Probably func_breakable, if your boxes also explode with the bomb. I would put the NULL texture on it to make it invisible and 0-wpoly.
2010 Jun 1 at 19:47 PDT — Ed. 2010 Jun 1 at 19:48 PDT
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