cant get it started

cant get it started

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2006 May 6 • 2
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Hi guys.

My name is Catalin and i'm from Romania... i've been following the tutorials and created the "closed simple box", added info_player_start/deathmatch... when i run the .bat, i get this error:

SolidBSP [hull 0] 15 (0.00 seconds)
Warning: === LEAK in hull 0 ===
Entity info_player_deathmatch @ (-256, 256, 128)
A LEAK is a hole in the map, where the inside of it is exposed to the
(unwanted) outside region. The entity listed in the error is just a helpful
indication of where the beginning of the leak pointfile starts, so the
beginning of the line can be quickly found and traced to until reaching the
outside. Unless this entity is accidentally on the outside of the map, it
probably should not be deleted. Some complex rotating objects entities need
their origins outside the map. To deal with these, just enclose the origin
brush with a solid world brush
and i can't get rid of it... note that the entities are in the box.. in top/side/front 2D pannels

i've searched the forums for the same error... couldnt find one... so i'm asking for your help so i just can move on to more complicated things.

thanks for your patience

best regards,
2006 May 7 at 04:01 PDT
Tendrils McGee

2005 Mar 20 • 1375
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The box isn't fully closed...
2006 May 8 at 04:34 PDT
2006 May 6 • 2
20 ₧
it is

it isnt?

ok now i'm lost

later edit: got it working finally.. thanks to denied :)

2006 May 8 at 11:24 PDT

2005 Mar 20 • 6349
Could you post what the fix was? It's nice to have answers to all the questions on here so the next person with the same problem can get help.
2006 May 10 at 15:05 PDT
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