Compile Error?

Compile Error?

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2008 Mar 26 • 7

When i'm Compiling my map, there is an error.

(The system cannot find the file specified.)
Can some one help me ?

Thxx :)
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2008 Mar 26 at 15:09 PDT

2008 Mar 23 • 192
That just happened to me.. What i did is i re downloaded it and extracted it to another spot, then i put all the files i need in the folder.


What happened to me is i couldn't have a space in my directory. So if you use Steam you might need to re install it.. or download CS nonsteam

Steam is normaly in your C:\Program Files. Which has a space in it.

Install it again into C:\Steam\SteamApps\Blah blah blah
2008 Mar 26 at 15:13 PDT
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Nah, ignore that :p

Basically part of the compile tools didn't work properly. Therefore the map wasn't created and it therefore couldn't find it. See?

If you post your build log we can try to get to the root of the problem.
2008 Mar 26 at 18:20 PDT

2008 Feb 26 • 227
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and note why you name it fy_lolipop? it's sound funny
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2008 Mar 27 at 05:37 PDT
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