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counterstrike 1.6 MAP

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2005 Jun 15 • 2
31 ₧
hi you guys
i have a question can anybody make a map for my clan
my clan is called Skittles clan we are a mid skittled clan:P
and we want a DE_ map
we had a factory in mind a combination of: ofice and assault.
with lots of Skittles logo and a big banner on the wall with the link of our site
and such like the boss his office with our pictures on the wall (the members)
can any1 make such a map for me
plz conact me @ MSN/MAIL:

thnQ, and i love superjer!!! FFS!!!
:D :D
2005 Jun 15 at 06:54 PDT
Captain Signupnow

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2005 Apr 4 • -201
how about you fucking learn to make a map yourself you lazy slut. oh, and by the way, complimenting superjer isn't going to get him to make it for you.
i dont like signatures. although there are some good ones out there
2005 Jun 21 at 07:06 PDT
2005 Jun 15 • 2
31 ₧
Yo whats going on dude? are you superjer? NO!!! So plz shut up..i;v ask superjer and he sayd that hes gonna make me 1 if i make the floorplan so why you trpin?

and complimenting superjer is good he makes great mapsa and almost nobody knows him!:S

he's got 2be famous with the maps like awp1337skeet and sniper-city...

:D Bye Bye All of you

and plz be nice...i just want to be friends but you come and tripn al of this shit!

my english is BAD i know....
:D :D
2005 Jun 29 at 01:00 PDT
2005 Jul 19 • 61
30 ₧
Correction, alot of people know him.

If you want to help super jer make your map, try drawing a nice detailed design for your map, that makes it much much easier :)

also try sending him a bunch of design notes and specific objects , places etc. you want in your map.

While he's making a map you could ofcourse try learning to do it yourself of you want :) it's nice and addictive ^^

just post an questions you have about mapping ( if you're going to learn it ) here and i'm sure some of us can help you along the way.
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2005 Jul 19 at 03:08 PDT
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