CS console error

CS console error

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2006 Mar 4 • 14
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ok so i got it workin and now it came up with this in the cs console:

map change failed: 'mapname' not found on server

Im not really sure wat to do plz help
2006 Mar 4 at 01:01 PST

2005 Mar 20 • 6340
'mapname' should be the name of your map.

You can just load your map like normal too, by starting a New Game from the menu, or by using

map whatever
changelevel whatever (if already in a server)

If you map does not show up in the list when creating a server, you probably don't have player starts for both teams.
2006 Mar 6 at 11:33 PST

2008 Jul 4 • 6
I am getting the same error... I have creted 4 spawn points but i have a feeling this is not the problem... In any case the map does not show up anywhere and i haven't seen any "mapname.bsp" anywhere ...just .bsx What could be the problem that it does not create the map ?
P.S. i get no errors...no leaks no nothing just "The system cannot find the file specified" is i press any key opens up cstrike and i get the "where the f*** is the map dumba$$
2008 Jul 4 at 20:04 PDT — Ed. 2008 Jul 4 at 20:09 PDT
Chronic Masochist
2008 May 24 • 112
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2008 Jul 5 at 01:49 PDT
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