Entity problems. Operating levers

Entity problems. Operating levers

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2013 Dec 23 • 2
Hello boys

Im trying to do a little puzzle for my map. Basically i have 6 levers that are supposed to open a door if operated correctly. They have two positions, an UP position and one DOWN position.

And when 3 specified levers are in its DOWN position it should trigger a door to open.
This means i dont want it possible to just move all the levers to its DOWN position and it works.

I tried a little but couldn't figure out how to do, so i thought maybe some of you might have an idea.
The main problem im not sure how to come around is how to make the lever both pushable (like a button) and moveable (like an elevator)

Thanks in advance
2013 Dec 23 at 08:20 PST
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2009 Dec 13 • 563
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Sounds kinda confusing,I'll try to do it if i have some spare time.

As for making the lever go back and move down/up do it using func_train and path_track entities.
2013 Dec 23 at 12:37 PST
2013 Dec 23 • 2
Yeah, I know. The problem is making it Pushable like a button. The only way i can figure out right now is making 2 invisible buttons. One up and one down. That might work. Even though its not quite what i want :/
2013 Dec 24 at 00:14 PST
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