.err my map

.err my map

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2005 Nov 21 • 1
26 ₧
what do i do? hlcsg: Error: Entity 13 has no visible brushes

hlcsg: Error: No visibile brushes
Description: All brushes are CLIP or ORIGIN (at least one must be normal/visible)
Howto Fix: self explanitory

how do i really fix this. This is my first map. cam_gifford@DONOTPOSTYOURREALEMAILONTHEINTERNETUNLESSYOUWANTLOTSOFSPAMsympatico.ca
2005 Nov 21 at 16:36 PST

2005 Nov 17 • 121
26 ₧
go to options... - textures - add wad
add your wad files from *username*/counter-strike/Cstrike

i got the same error :P
i used 1 hour to find out of it :P
but remove all textures u got now and add new from CSTRIKE


make roof and wall or it will be fucked up....
i tryd it :P
2005 Nov 22 at 07:17 PST

2005 Mar 20 • 6349
Also try opening your .map file.

Sometimes hammer saves the .MAP differently from the .RMF

.MAP can't handle weird crazy invalid brush shapes so they might not even be there in the .MAP file, while the .RMF looks ok.
2005 Nov 23 at 11:33 PST
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