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Fatal Error

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2006 Jun 19 • 22
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My map was working perfectly including the ZHLT compiling process. Then after I added just ONE room it gave me the old "too many .wads" error, so i reluctantly bundled all my .wads into just ONE .wad which took over 3 hours mind you. So then I re-ran ZHLT compilers with success. I was all happy that finally the map I had made was finished! UNTIL! When I tried to load up my map the game crashed (Counter-Strike 1.6) and gave me the message:

Missing frame 0 of -1CSTRIKE_ME2RI

I read somewhere something to do with animations in CS but the problem with that is the exact same map was working fine earlier, I've used all the same textures and its only NOW decided to give me this error... please halp!
2008 Nov 1 at 04:06 PDT
Homicidal Anatidae

2008 Mar 5 • 1169
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A texture-name that starts with a negative number is a random tiling texture. The first one must start with -0, then if you have more the next one -1, -2, -3... etc.

So make sure -0CSTRIKE_ME2RI also exists in your wad, otherwise add it or rename -1CSTRIKE_ME2RI to a name that doesn't start with a negative number(eg. "CSTRIKE_ME2RI").
2008 Nov 1 at 04:42 PDT — Ed. 2008 Nov 1 at 04:43 PDT
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