Getting a weird error after compiling

Getting a weird error after compiling

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2009 Apr 13 • 27
After i finish compiling it says press any key to continue then i do and i get a HL error message. It says "Steamstartup(0xf,0x0012F960) Failed with error 1: Failed to take master pipe connection lock" anyone have a clue what that means?
2009 Apr 16 at 20:46 PDT
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2009 Apr 17 at 04:38 PDT
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this happen too me also just set your compile to run with steam but dont set a directory for steam too start up just compile and drag it to you folder where you place your maps
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2009 Apr 17 at 16:37 PDT
2009 Aug 18 • 1
This error might happen if there is an extra copy of Steam.dll in one of the game directories or in the system path.

There should only be one Steam.dll in your Steam install directory, typically:

C:\Program Files\Steam\steam.dll
C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\steam.dll

The fastest way to find errant steam.dll files is to use your O/S search function from your Start button:

Start > Search > For Files or Folders > all files and folders

then enter steam.dll in the all or part of the file name: box and click on the search button.

You should only have one Steam installation on your system so you should only have one copy of steam.dll. If you find any others then delete them.
2009 Aug 18 at 13:02 PDT
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