Give everybody AWP at spawn!

Give everybody AWP at spawn!

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2008 Dec 28 • 10
Hi, I want to give everyone AWP at spawn, but how do I do it?
Or, I know how (I've read some tutorials) but everyone is talking about game_player_equip, but I dont have that :/

I read this thread, but I didnt get any wiser ..

Oh, ok. What you need is expert.fgd (available on this page).
And I downloaded expert.fgd, still no game_player_eguip
2008 Dec 28 at 18:52 PST

2005 Mar 20 • 6343
You have to tell Hammer to USE the new FGD also. Did you do that?

Alternatively you can just add the game_player_equip by hand in Hammer. You can type whatever you want in that box.

You could create a game_yankes_equip if you want, but the game won't give a care.
2008 Dec 28 at 19:48 PST — Ed. 2008 Dec 28 at 19:48 PST
2008 Dec 28 • 10
where can I add game_player_equip? I made a entity, and press ALT + ENTER, then I could change the name of the entity I made.. But when I changed it, I had no place to decide which weapons they should have at spawn..

EDIT: Is there any other good .fdg I could try? cause I really want game_player_equip. This really annoys me :(

EDIT2: Fixed it, now it works fine :)
2009 Jan 2 at 21:13 PST — Ed. 2009 Jan 2 at 21:33 PST
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