Help a hammer noob please.

Help a hammer noob please.

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2008 Jun 25 • 1
Okay, I'm planning to submit a map to fpsbanana. Ive never submitted anything before but plan to submit a map. However, i have a few questions befour i do that. This is the 2nd map i've ever made, so dont be too harsh on me. I think its a pretty big improvement from my 1st (a single room, 2 lights, 2 spawn points, no buy zone, no weapons, nothing).

1. mkay, so i'ved pretty much made the map. Ive added some entities, i have 18 spawn points (thats all i could fit), lights, no leaks. It runs nice and good. But so far, i've tested it out and it works just fine. (its fy by the way). Since i've never made a map before, i dont know how it would turn out. Do i need to add the game player entity that gives everyone knives? Im not realy sure. Same for glocks/usp's.

2. i've got this farfecthed idea that i dont know if it will work. I want to assign every spawn point a pistol right? Except for one thing. I want to make it a game of luck. of course out of my 9 spawn points for each side, 8 people will get a usp/glock, but i want 1 person to get a deagle. How would i go about doing this? (im not sure if i want to do this for this map, but possibly for a later map)

3. Okay, let's say i've completed the map and all of this stuff. Ive got the map set up on hammer, i've put it in a zhlt folder and tested it out. Where do i go from there, to submitting it on fpsbanana? I'm not a computer expert, so if you guys would be so kind as to tell me what to do including all the archive stuff and everything.

4. And the noobiest question of all. Im sorry guys, this is embarassing, but how do you take screen shots in the game? I always thought it was alt+print screen, but i never knew where those shots went. If it is, i would like to know where those screen shots are located on your computer.

I would appreciate your answers as soon as possible, as I would like to share this map with a few of my clan mates. And our server is shutting down very soon. I want this to get up, be able to be downloaded, and put on our mirror server and stuff, so i can just show it off.

p.s. my map name will be fy_backyardmaze. Im not sure if this name already exists. If it does, would any of you be so kind to tell me. Here are some pictures of my map btw. (theres a secret area taht contains armor, an awp, m4, ak, and an HE. Theres another secret area which is a buy room. But you'll need some teamwork for that one, if you know what i mean.
2008 Jun 25 at 16:23 PDT
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1. idk much about making maps.

hope this was helpful!! :))
2008 Jun 25 at 19:39 PDT
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mrsticks said:

1. idk much about making maps.

hope this was helpful!! :))

1.My job is to fuck with these guyz
2.At least I try to help
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Down Rodeo said:
Dammit, this was the one place that didn't have this, but noooooo, molkman pisses all over that
2008 Jun 25 at 21:21 PDT
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1. No. players automatically get a knife and pistol on spawn, unless you set is to do anything other than that. You said you tested you map, so you should know that.

2. You can't GIVE a weapon to one player, the alternative is to place the weapon on the ground, right next to the player spawn. This is also problematic, because you cannot place pistols on the ground, only primary weapons.

3. Go to and register. I'm pretty sure you'll see where it says "upload file". I'm not registered there, so I don't know

4. Press the PrintScreen key. Now get out of CS and paste in Paint, or whatever you are using.

5. fy_backyardmaze does not exist, yet.

6. No pictures. I assume you posted this somewhere else and the word 'here' was a link... well the link is lost.
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2008 Jun 25 at 22:48 PDT
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