help can't fiind useful.....

help can't fiind useful.....

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2006 Aug 12 • 2
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so I makeing the map... and I see I don't have a ladder....Where can I find the ladder tu put on my map pls help only a noob here whit creativiti made 4 maps last night.....ou and PS how can I put for example to a map to make it awp. or for deagles ?? pls help
2006 Aug 12 at 22:17 PDT
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2005 Mar 21 • 4675
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SuperJer might be back from vacation now and try to answer your question... but maybe if you wrote it without being on so much crack he might understand your question...
2006 Aug 13 at 16:22 PDT

2005 Mar 20 • 6343
There is a ladder texture in cstrike.wad

Here is how to make a working ladder:

You can give players weapons like awp & deagle with a game_player_equip.
You can take weapons away with a player_weaponstrip.

Google those :P
2006 Aug 14 at 15:33 PDT
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