Help :D

Help :D

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2010 Dec 29 • 3
I was looking at your guides and when i got to guide 7 i stoped, it said that if i can't fix the problem i shud contact u here so i did :D.

In the help it first says to check the next things:
-Make sure you typed everything correctly in your .bat file.
-Make sure your .map file is in the folder with your .bat file.
-Make sure hlcsg.exe, hlbsp.exe, hlvis.exe, and hlrad.exe are in the folder, too.

I looked and it was all there, then it said to open file name 'catpee.err', i opened it looked at the description but it didn't say a leak, it said this:

-hlcsg: Error: Could not open wad file \program files\cs 1.6 v42\valve\halflife.wad
hlcsg: Error: Could not find WAD file
Description: The compile tools could not locate a wad file that the map was referencing.
Howto Fix: Make sure the wad's listed in the level editor actually all exist.

first i looked at \program files\cs 1.6 v42\valve\halflife.wad i fought it was wrong because there is no D: or C:... i opened my bat file with notepad and it was there... Then i looked for halflife.wad in that directory it was there to, tryed to open it and it opened...
Oh yea :D and 'Howto Fix:' i looked for that in Tools>Options>Textures and it was there, tell me if im wrong :)

Pls help don't know what to do :S

2010 Dec 29 at 06:58 PST — Ed. 2010 Dec 29 at 07:02 PST
Mate de Vita

2008 Oct 4 • 2453
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Move all your files including the wad files to the same drive (either C: or D:).
...and that's the bottom line because Mate de Vita said so.
2010 Dec 29 at 09:34 PST — Ed. 2010 Dec 29 at 09:35 PST
2010 Dec 29 • 3
thx a lot :D
2010 Dec 29 at 09:36 PST
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