[Help] No steam server

[Help] No steam server

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2008 Feb 29 • 2
Hi ! I need help from you to crate a no steam server (for cs 1.6) , but I need to create It free becuase I dont want to pay for that . I need faster help from you . Some of my friend said I need Real IP can you explain me that why Real IP or is it true that I need Real IP.(a no steam server where anyone from world can play)


P.S : I have tried some tutorials In internet but It doesnt works.

P.S2 : I can use your maps in my server ...

2008 Mar 31 at 08:55 PDT — Ed. 2008 Mar 31 at 08:57 PDT
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You will need to have a fast internet connection, i.e. broadband. No dialup here. If you don't have that for a start, then stop. If you do you will need to check your modem's or router's settings; for instance mine has an inbuilt firewall so if I want to play a game then I need to set certain ports to be "forwarded". I have no idea what the ones for a CS server are.
2008 Mar 31 at 15:34 PDT
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