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2008 Aug 16 • 2
Hi, can someone tell me if its possible to delete part of a brush, so for example say I had a 4x1x1 brush and i wanted to delete a hexagon out the middle to leave like a border. Ive tryed making cylinders etc but that doesnt give me a squared outer border if you get me.
|.../...\...| <---- Something Like this is what i need
The dots arent anything to do with the brush its just to keep the spacings.

Cheers in advance
2008 Aug 16 at 16:42 PDT — Ed. 2008 Aug 16 at 16:46 PDT

2008 Mar 23 • 192
select a brush, and click on the Vertex Minipulation tool. It's a box icon on the bottom left of hammer.

simply drag a piece of the brush arround..

experiment with it. but dont use the vertex minipulation tool on the same brush to many times. it ends up getting glitchy..
2008 Aug 16 at 18:08 PDT — Ed. 2008 Aug 16 at 18:09 PDT
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2007 Sep 24 • 2921
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If you do have lots of manipulations to do, it's best to make a separate brush for each side.
May contain traces of invisible text.
2008 Aug 17 at 01:38 PDT

2007 Oct 24 • 990
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1 if you use vertex manipulator . then you should texture lock on :

this prevents textures getting really stretched out and stuff

but vertex manipulator can create invalid shapes
i don't really get what you want to do
but if you want to make a wall with a hole in it
then you just need to construct it out of 4 brushes that connect to each other to form a wall with a hole in it
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