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Help with Mapping

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2010 Oct 13 • 1
im a complete newb to mapping, and im trying to get setup to try my hand at it.

im wondering if your method of configuring hammer for initial setup will work for Condition Zero Maps.

ty in advance and any and all usefull links/tools/info you could provide will be a tremendous help.
2010 Oct 13 at 01:18 PDT
Rocket Man

2007 Nov 6 • 2525
601 ₧
Condition zero = cs 1.6
except it has a czero directory instead of cstrike...
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2010 Oct 13 at 23:32 PDT
My points value is a hilarious example of numerical humor.

2009 Dec 13 • 563
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In order to do it right,you must use a .wad that has the textures from condition zero,or some decent custom textures.(i'm not saying it's not right if you use the halflife.wad it's just gonna look like shit in cz).
2010 Oct 14 at 06:11 PDT
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