HElp with respawn

HElp with respawn

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2006 Apr 30 • 9
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Ok, so i am about to make a map like this:

players spawn and are launched into the air, both teams across each other

and they have to knife each other in the air if they cant, they hit the ground, making them respawn back into the launcher.

i need help with the launcher (is it trigger push?) I don't know how to make trigger_push push the person. my triiger_push only pushes them across the floor.

and i need help with the respawning please.

oh ya, the players only respawn when they hit the ground, not when knifed.
2006 Jun 5 at 12:45 PDT

2005 Mar 20 • 6349
You need to set the tirgger pushes angle to push up a bit. Also, use a ramp.

angles: 0 30 0

that will push to the east at 30 degrees up from the horizon.

I have no clue how to respawn players by the map. You can have them fall into a teleporter, but I don't think they can really 'respawn'.
2006 Jun 5 at 12:59 PDT
2006 Mar 1 • 74
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make teleports and make the floor in different sections so not all teleporters go to the same place cause than everyone will get stuck in eachother.
2006 Jun 6 at 03:30 PDT

2005 Mar 20 • 6349
Eaiser way is to layer the teleporters on top of each other and have them work once and then take a little time to turn back on.

So the first faller hits the top one, and it deactivates. And then next faller hits the next one down... etc.
2006 Jun 6 at 17:14 PDT
2006 Apr 30 • 9
20 ₧

i read a tutorial on teleporters and got it to work and i figured out the trigger push with the pitchyaw

thanks JER!
2006 Jun 6 at 17:51 PDT
i want create space arena!
2006 Jun 6 • 82
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2006 Jun 7 at 06:18 PDT
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