Help with slideing door.

Help with slideing door.

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2009 Nov 12 • 364
Well, I'm working on this sliding door for jailbreak map.
But when I press the button to open the doors, It goes on 4ever. Like it keeps on opening. I just want it to slide once. Help.
2009 Nov 19 at 16:53 PST — Ed. 2009 Nov 19 at 16:54 PST

Chrome Whore
2009 Sep 6 • 2547
10 ₧
In the 'Flags' tab there is a 'Toggle' mode
select, and be happy.
2009 Nov 19 at 17:36 PST

2009 Nov 12 • 364
Lol. Thanks. But, when I did that it still kept going on and on.
Then, I tried doing them 1 by 1 and it worked.
2009 Nov 20 at 08:17 PST

2007 Oct 20 • 186
57 ₧
What tip jail break map are you making.



I made them i would like to see yours.
2009 Nov 20 at 09:34 PST

2009 Nov 12 • 364
Oh, wow. My friend is making one and he really made one. BUT! He showed me that map to look cool. Haha. But he really did make one. He won't show me so I won't copy his. Yours is nice. Add me to "Steam" so you can teach me some stuff. The dynamite?!?!?! The cars!?!?!?! The jumping rope?!?!!? The music?!?!? Like when you press it, it goes on! The cars!!! I want custom cars though. You have like wood cars. Hehe. But your map is sick! So far, I'm done with pool, cages, cells, lockers, showers, boxing room, working on trampoline, I found a trampoline prefab in fpsbanana but, when I load and compile it, my map gets an error. I'm going to add vents. Working on bed and toilet seats in cells, armoury_entity, light entity, and gravity entity. I'm going to add gravity room to it, but I'm not sure how to really make it correct. I have alot more to add!
2009 Nov 20 at 16:45 PST
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