How to make a func_ladder???

How to make a func_ladder???

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2008 Nov 13 • 1
I find how to make it on this site but i don't understand how to do that in Hammer Mapping.There are just pictures,not explanation.Can anyone help???
2008 Nov 13 at 03:05 PST
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create ur ladder brush

copy it and paste very close to it , then press ctrl+t and choose func_ladder
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2008 Nov 13 at 04:07 PST
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SRAW said:
I'm a wanka, don't listen to me.

On to the ladder making...

A ladder is made up of 2 parts: one that you see, and one you climb.

1.Visible part: Make a brush where you want you ladder to be. Select it and click the toEntity button (on the right bar). A window will open. In the Class field, select func_illusionary. Apply the ladder texture.

2.Climbable part: Make a brush the same size as the visible part right behind it. Turn this brush into func_ladder the same way you did with the func_illusionary.

Change the grid size by pressing [. This will let you make a narrow ladder, rather than a huge bulky one.
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2008 Nov 13 at 04:25 PST
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