HOWTO make a tank?

HOWTO make a tank?

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2006 Dec 4 • 50
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hi all,

Can someone please point me to an article or tell me how to make a player driven tank? I've bin looking on the net but havent found anything about tanks................

WinVista,??......Fuck Off!...
2007 May 27 at 12:19 PDT

2005 Mar 20 • 6349
Search for func_vehicle. I think there is already a post here about it. If not, try google.

I'm no good at func_vehicles...
2007 May 29 at 11:37 PDT

2006 Sep 11 • 115
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Func vehicle. All basics you need:
Driving trigger: func_vehiclecontrol
ORIGIN brush in your tank, and two path tracks.
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2007 Jun 1 at 12:08 PDT
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