I cant join my map when i have made a ladder :S

I cant join my map when i have made a ladder :S

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2009 Jan 19 • 35
This comes in the console:
Console initialized.
Base networking initialized.
"sv_cheats" changed to "1"
Initializing deltas
Protocol version 48
Exe version (cstrike)
Exe build: 15:02:18 Oct 24 2008 (4381)
40.0 Mb heap
Sound Initialization
Set primary sound buffer format: yes
2 channel(s)
16 bits/sample
11025 bytes/sec
DirectSound initialized
Sound sampling rate: 11025
Loaded library demoplayer.dll.
Loaded library core.dll.
Creating fake network channel.
Loaded library core.dll.
DemoPlayer module initialized.
Parsed 353 text messages
WARNING: failed to locate sequence file global
joystick not found -- no valid joysticks (a5)

execing hw/geforce.cfg
execing valve.rc
execing language.cfg
execing autoexec.cfg
execing violence.cfg
"deathmatch" changed to "1"
execing hw/geforce.cfg
execing config.cfg
"sv_aim" changed to "0"
execing userconfig.cfg

Adding: cstrike/dlls\mp.dll
Dll loaded for mod Counter-Strike
warning: MP3_InitStream(29, media\gamestartup.mp3) failed
map change failed: 'asd_2k' not found on server.

What is wrong :s?
need help because i am making a nice map :D!
2009 Jan 20 at 07:32 PST
eDan Co.
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2007 Sep 24 • 2921
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I don't think it's because of the ladder. If it was, you would have had an error during the compile. In the console it says your map cannot be found. Did you enter the correct name? Also, what did you do with your menu music? It too appears to be missing.
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2009 Jan 20 at 09:19 PST

2007 Oct 20 • 186
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are you sure its the name of the map and if so did you put the map in your server and if you did lets see the compilers info
2009 Jan 20 at 12:16 PST
Mate de Vita

2008 Oct 4 • 2453
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please post the contents of your bat file.
...and that's the bottom line because Mate de Vita said so.
2009 Jan 20 at 12:17 PST
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