I need help for i be a nubcake.

I need help for i be a nubcake.

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2008 Feb 28 • 67
if i want a sky, like the one in dust2,do i have to have a ceiling for all my objects, like do i have to "un beer save" them by having no top, and does the sky just like cover everything?

gah i am so confused. i dont even no how to get a sky
2008 Mar 4 at 16:27 PST

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2007 Sep 13 • 79
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use the sky texture, if you left the boxes open you will just develop massive leaks.
SRAW said:
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2008 Mar 4 at 16:47 PST
2008 Feb 28 • 67
yea so i do have to cover everything? THEN put sky texture?
2008 Mar 4 at 16:57 PST
2008 Mar 4 • 8
Sky texture counts as a wall or ceiling for map
2008 Mar 4 at 17:06 PST — Ed. 2008 Mar 4 at 17:07 PST
2008 Feb 28 • 67
LOL. so i dont have to close off these hallways and stuff? like i dont have to make them a cube because the sky texture does tht all?
2008 Mar 4 at 17:09 PST
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2007 Oct 19 • 5486
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You'd best look at a skybox tutorial on the internet. Some are very detailed and will even tell you how to make your own
2008 Mar 4 at 18:35 PST

2007 Oct 24 • 990
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you just basically make a box with the top brush having the sky texture . its just a normal brush nothing special just the texture on it , so its still solid you can't walk/shoot trough it

you don't necessarily have to have sky for a ceiling everywhere ...
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2008 Mar 5 at 01:32 PST
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