Is it possible to create Counter Strike Condition Zero Maps?

Is it possible to create Counter Strike Condition Zero Maps?

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2008 Jun 2 • 17
Can I create Cs:Cz maps using the steps given on this website but by changing only very, very small details? I dont really want to go and do a ton of work to convert my map making data to Cs:Cz so if there is a way and it is easy plz tell me what to do...
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2008 May 13 • 16
Yes, because the maps in cs are just same with maps in cz.You can make cz map as same as cs map.Just edit the mapname.bat file, by changing the game cstrike to game czero,and change the copy to directory to czero\maps folder.But I not sure if we can include our own map into cz career mode.Now I'm trying to make cz: deleted scene map.
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2008 Jun 3 at 09:12 PDT
2008 Jun 2 • 17
Can you please tell me how to get to the mapname.bat file in my Valve Hammer Editor and what to do to change the game from cstrike to czero and how to copy it directly to czero/maps folder. (Basically, what im saying is can you please guide me step by step through Valve Hammer Editor and tell me what to open and what to click on, and please give me every detail because if I dont know what to go to change someting I result to banging on my keyboard extreemly hard which makes me buy another one, and im short on cash) Thanks!!!!! (But seriously dont leave out any detais :))
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ok i will tell u how to compile a map

BUT NOTE: this doesnt include the wads like hlcsg -nowadtextures

first step: DONT create any batch files
2 step: take ur file
3. DRAG it over hlcsg.exe
4. " " " hlbsp.exe
5. " " " hlvis.exe[only if u have lights]
6. " " " hlrad.exe[only if U RAN vis]
7. get the mapname.bsp file
8. copy it to ur czero/maps folder


czero is exactly the same as 1.6
but has zbotcz[which is downloadable] and a single player campaign and another game called "Deleted Scenes" which is SP.
and has new maps such as de_dust2_cz or de_nuke_cz which r remakes with some improvements like xtra furniture and uses new wads

Edit: CSCZ also comes with new models[but fpsbanana models r 100% better] and the hostages have "feelings"

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