Lifts (Elevators)

Lifts (Elevators)

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2006 Jul 18 • 31
18 ₧
I tried making a flat func_door and making it angle up, Its controlled by a func_button. When I "use" it, It doesnt go all the way up, It just like.. Stops after like 2 feet. Can you explain the way to make lifts controlled by a func_button? - (func_switch whatever.)
Hehe No.
2006 Jul 19 at 19:52 PDT

2005 Mar 20 • 6340
You need to set the Lip to the correct number to get it to move where you want.

If the Lip is 10 then the door will move until it intersects with its old position by 10 units.

If you set Lip to zero, the door will move exactly one of itself.

If you Lip to 600 then the door will move until there are 600 units between itself and its old position.

For an elevator, you might want to use a func_train. It has more options than func_door but is harder to use.
2006 Jul 20 at 10:33 PDT
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