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2011 Sep 18 • 3
First to say Hi to all forum users. I have in some way simple problem. I can't import a map into Hammer editor. I know that extension of the map is ussaly *.bsp , and what I need is a *.map. Why do I need this?

I am desperate to edit a map called aim_awp_school. I just need a simple edit in spawn weapons. I want to eliminate pistols in spawn weapons, but i really don't know how to. Can anyone help me by explaining me how to do it, or do it for me if he has some spare time.

Thanks and Cheers :)

You can also find me on if I somehow lost this page :D
2011 Sep 18 at 13:13 PDT — Ed. 2011 Sep 18 at 13:15 PDT
2011 Sep 9 • 24
download a decompiler--> then use the map version on hammer
2011 Sep 18 at 13:43 PDT
2011 Sep 18 • 3
OK, I've solved the first problem > Importing a map into Hammer, using this little programe You gave me. Do You know what should I do now to solve my probblem no.2 :)
2011 Sep 18 at 13:58 PDT
Rocket Man

2007 Nov 6 • 2525
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Just place an info_player_equip(I think) entity and in the settings you can choose what stuff to give or not.
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2011 Sep 18 at 20:34 PDT
2011 Sep 18 • 3
I think I failed in doing this. I opened the map first. Than I thnink I've done that in entity, but I can't save the map without an error. I also have a problem converting it back to *.bsp. I am a bot.
2011 Sep 19 at 13:31 PDT
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