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Le Tigre

2006 Sep 1 • 549
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How do I install maps? (any counter strike version)
2006 Sep 18 at 19:26 PDT

2005 Mar 20 • 6349
For 1.6 -- Find this folder:


If the map comes with wad files, they go here, in cstrike.
The bsp goes in ...\cstrike\maps\
Sounds go in the ...\cstrike\sound\ folder, usually in a subfolder beyond that as specified in the .zip
Models go in ...\cstrike\models\
Overviews in ...\cstrike\overviews\

Most maps will come in a .zip file that has all these folders inside a cstrike folder within the zip, so you can just drop everything into your cstrike folder and it will match up.

For CSS and others -- it is really similar. There are no wad files for CSS though. You may need to install textures in the \materials\ folder.
2006 Sep 19 at 00:41 PDT
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