multimanger ?

multimanger ?

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2008 May 25 • 144
what the highest amount of entitys a multimanger can control/manage?
2008 Oct 18 at 13:46 PDT

2008 May 25 • 144
noone wants to help?
2008 Oct 21 at 06:51 PDT
eDan Co.
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I have no idea what a multimanager is.
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2008 Oct 21 at 07:31 PDT
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The multi_manager entity acts as a relay for acticating a sequence of events at specific times.


The multi_manager can control up to 16 separate events. By triggering its Name (targetname), all the events it contains will be activated.

To place events within the multi_manager, add new keys. Each key is the targetname of an event. The value you give each key is the delay before it will be activated.

Note: to add a new key to an entity, select the multi_manager and press Alt+Enter to bring up its properties. Deselect the SmartEdit button. You should now see just the raw entity properties (keys and values). Use the Add button to add new keys and theirvalues.

targetname (target_source) Name - The multi_manager must be triggered by another event or trigger to start its sequence of events.

This entity has the following flags. Flags can be either on or off. In the editor, these flags can be accessed in the Flags section of the entity properties.

1 - multithreaded

Multithreading a multi_manager is designed to solve problems with multi-player games.

Say you want a bunch of game_text messages to go to each player as he joins the game. So you set up those messages, naming them instructions1, instructions2, and instructions3. Now you don't want all of these instructions to come up at the same time, so you use a multi_manager:

"targetname" "game_playerjoin"
"instructions1" "0"
"instructions2" "10"
"instructions3" "20"
So, when a player joins, he'll fire this multi_manager and get the instructions, page by page, every 10 seconds. That works fine unless 2 players join in that 20 second period. When the second player joins and fires the multi_manager, he doesn't get instructions, because the multi_manager is already going through its list of targets.

So, making the multi_manager "multithreaded" means that when the second player joins, he gets his own copy of the multi_manager and both players get the instructions.

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2008 May 25 • 144
thank u
2008 Oct 21 at 08:38 PDT
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