Need serious help!

Need serious help!

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2007 Aug 10 • 2
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So I created a map called fycastle in valve hammer editor 3.4

I exported it to a .map format in the folder where i download ZHLT windows executables.

I made a .bat file called fycastle.bat from a text document in a folder where i downloaded ZHLT Windows executables.

I clicked edit and typed this in

@echo off
hlcsg fycastle
hlbsp fycastle
hlvis fycastle
hlrad fycastle
copy mapname.bsp "C:\Program Files\Valve\cstrike\maps"
cd C:\half-life
hl -dev -console -game cstrike +sv_cheats 1 +map mapname

I clicked on fycastle.bat and I ran it but there was an error.

It said I have leaks in my map.

It looked something like this in command prompt.

===Leak in Hull 0===

Entity light @ -192, 0, 192

And there were a couple more.

Am i suppose to get rid of the light or what?

Any help would be very very very much appreciated.
2007 Aug 10 at 14:08 PDT

2005 Mar 20 • 6340
Do not get rid of the light, it is just a reference point. You need to patch the leak (hole) in your map.

The compiler is saying that it can get from the light to the outside space around your map without hitting any walls.

That shouldn't be possible.
2007 Aug 10 at 16:29 PDT
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