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2007 Jan 23 • 1
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ok....i need some help...

ive followed the tutorial for making my very own cs map. ive made the html and compiled everything yada yada yada....

but how do i play the map???
after it compiles and i press any key cs opens up but nothing happens

is there any way i can put it in my map list and if
2007 Jan 25 at 15:57 PST

2005 Mar 20 • 6343
Enter the console and type map your_map_name

Or start a server on a standard map and in console type changelevel your_map_name

If your map is not showing up in the map list it either:
1. Did not get copied to the correct cstrike/maps folder
2. Does not have player starts, or
3. Is corrupted for some other reason (check compile log)
2007 Jan 25 at 21:18 PST
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