OMG another question. ROFLMAO

OMG another question. ROFLMAO

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2008 Apr 14 • 10
Ok I have a door, its kind of like a gate. When its in cs it has black around the gate so it doesnt really look much like a gate, Like you cant see through the holes. Is there anyway I can change this. Thankyou.

Sorry it feels like I'm spamming with questions but you guys help so much. I try and put as many questions in a post as possible.
2008 Apr 14 at 12:43 PDT

2007 Oct 24 • 990
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so its one of those textures that has blue in it ?

in the doors properties set "rendermode" to solid

and Fx amount to 255

EDIT: select door and press alt+ enter to open properties
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2008 Apr 14 at 12:49 PDT — Ed. 2008 Apr 14 at 12:54 PDT
2008 Apr 14 • 10
ty for the help.
2008 Apr 14 at 14:09 PDT
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