Problem in hammer

Problem in hammer

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2008 Nov 27 • 42
One day suddenly a problem in hammer appeard. When I click some object in 3D textured camera it doesn't select it any more.

How can I fix this?
2009 May 7 at 06:16 PDT — Ed. 2009 May 7 at 06:17 PDT
Mate de Vita

2008 Oct 4 • 2453
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Mate de Vita said:
Hopefully you're not on Vista.

MuzzleFlash said:
This is likely to happen if you're running on an ATI Graphics Card. Thanks to them dropping OpenGL support in their latest drivers (anything above 7.11), you can't select anything in Hammer's 3D window.

Download this file and place the atioglxx.dll file that is inside the zipfile in your Hammer root directory (IE: C:\Program Files\Valve Hammer Editor\)
NOTE: This solution won't work on all video cards !

You are now able to select objects in the 3D window using the latest ATI driver on Windows XP.

Thanks to MuzzleFlash and raver for the info and files.

NOTE: This solution has not been tested on Windows Vista.
...and that's the bottom line because Mate de Vita said so.
2009 May 7 at 06:19 PDT

2008 Nov 27 • 42
Yeah well I'll just let it be. thx anyway
2009 May 8 at 04:09 PDT
Down Rodeo
Cap'n Moth of the Firehouse

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2007 Oct 19 • 5486
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I suppose the first question to ask would be "do you have an ATi card?" If not you can safely ignore that anyway (sorry Mate :P)
2009 May 8 at 05:23 PDT

2008 Nov 27 • 42
At my last post I was decided to stop doing maps with hammer but now I want to start again...

New "firetruck" here.
2009 Nov 23 at 10:18 PST
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