'.prt ' file missing, how can i fix it?

'.prt ' file missing, how can i fix it?

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2008 Oct 24 • 5
hlvis v2.5.3 rel Custom Build 1.7 (Dec 9 2002)
Zoner's Half-Life Compilation Tools -- Custom Build
Based on code modifications by Sean 'Zoner' Cavanaugh
Based on Valve's version, modified with permission.
Submit detailed bug reports to (merlinis@bigpond.net.au)
----- BEGIN hlvis -----
Command line: hlvis run_jump
Error: Portal file 'run_jump.prt' does not exist, cannot vis the map

----- END hlvis -----
(run_jump is the name of the map)
2008 Oct 24 at 04:03 PDT
Homicidal Anatidae

2008 Mar 5 • 1169
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I want to punch you in the face.

Keep everything in ONE thread.
2008 Oct 24 at 04:57 PDT
Down Rodeo
Cap'n Moth of the Firehouse

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2007 Oct 19 • 5486
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KD gets ANGRY.

He does have a point though.

This forum has very few active members, I'd say two dozen max. Some people pop up from time to time but you're looking at SRAW, KD, Edan, Mellow and some people who I have perhaps forgotten who help in this section mainly.
2008 Oct 24 at 05:36 PDT
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