so little prob

so little prob

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2008 Jun 21 • 26
some of the players on the server have spawn probs they just die i looked at all the spawn points and they are all off the ground and out of walls and erveryone that just DL off server dies the first time spawning
I need serious !!!HELP!!! Thanks for the respons
2008 Jun 30 at 22:20 PDT
Homicidal Anatidae

2008 Mar 5 • 1169
633 ₧
- Make sure you got enough spawns for the players.
- Spawns should be "floating" in the air a few units above the ground.
2008 Jul 1 at 00:00 PDT
Chronic Masochist
2008 May 24 • 112
Yeah for my maps for my server (it is a 32 slot) I put 16 spawn points on each team...
So make sure there are enough spawn points...
And if you do fix that...your gonna have to tell everyone in your server to delete that darn mistake map >.< (No offense)
2008 Jul 1 at 01:27 PDT

2008 Jun 8 • 137
I had the same problem. But I just moved the spawnpoints closer to the ground and the bots didnt worldspawn. Why not try the same thing too?
You didn't see me. You're hallucinating.
2008 Jul 1 at 01:55 PDT
Tendrils McGee

2005 Mar 20 • 1375
34 ₧
They are dying because there are not enough spawn points. I always go over the top and put 20 for each team.
2008 Jul 1 at 08:43 PDT

2008 Jun 21 • 26
there is enough spawn points and i tryed moving them closer to the ground ill see if that works thanks as far as putting more spawn points in we play on a 16 person server and thats what i put it 8 on each side so that only our server can play it or another 16 person server kinda my little FU if someone trys to take it to there server without asking first
I need serious !!!HELP!!! Thanks for the respons
2008 Jul 1 at 18:59 PDT — Ed. 2008 Jul 1 at 19:24 PDT
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