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The Original Portmanteau

2005 Mar 21 • 12860
666 ₧
Im trying to make a map for has some buildings and stuff...anyway

the point is that its pretty big and open and whenever I try to compile it it takes like up to an hour before it finishes...

suggestions to speed it up?

oh yeah and do you make a knife map for source? I cant seem to find out how to strip weapons...
2006 Sep 16 at 12:54 PDT

2005 Mar 20 • 6343
If your map is large or complex, it should take a while to compile.

You can skip the lighting (RAD) step if you want. You don't need to see the lighting on every compile. This step probably takes 95% of the time, unless something is wrong.

I don't know much about Source entities...
2006 Sep 17 at 03:26 PDT
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