Sounds - Quick and easy questions for you all.

Sounds - Quick and easy questions for you all.

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2013 Sep 26 • 9
Alright this is my question for you fellow gamers/mappers:

Does a sound just loop in normal cases?
Because some of the guides I read through just says "You have to put a que and another que to be able to loop it around and around" via Audacity et.c.
I'm guessing this is not correct at all tho.

I would say "cutting" a sound from a certain song/clip should have the same ending/start perhaps, to make it sound more flowing(If it's going to loop).

Gratefor for any answers!

2013 Sep 26 at 14:18 PDT
fedex _

2009 Mar 23 • 907
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If you add a custom sound you made and placed it in-game and it doesn't loop then you need to que it , because it will only play once and never come on again , I dealt with this problem before until another avid mapper told me that was the problem .. Hope this helps
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2013 Oct 28 at 13:30 PDT
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