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Tendrils McGee

2005 Mar 20 • 1375
34 ₧
Hey super, I need some help.......

In your snowsk337 map I am trying to make it where a word in my map will spin like your superjer does while you are sitting in the sk337. Well its not letting me decompile, any idea how to do it?
2005 Jul 23 at 18:10 PDT
2005 Jul 19 • 61
30 ₧
you could make a func_rotating or func_door_rotating to make the world / floor or whatever spin around.
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2005 Jul 24 at 04:16 PDT

2005 Jul 30 • 75
29 ₧
hmm if you say so..
make a wad with your name and a blur background.
tie it to func rotating and give it:
rotation speed : how fast it should go
render mode : texture
FX ammount (if the backround is blue) : 255
and remember to have an origin brush in the middle of it...
(without origin brush it will probably fly around the map in a certain radius)

EDIT : made a guide for it on
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2005 Jul 31 at 02:54 PDT
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