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2005 Jul 19 • 61
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Anyone want to see some fresh tutorials , i could write some for this site if you guys want them and are too lazy or want to see me slave my lazy bum of.

Aaaaanywaay, if you guys want to learn how to use hammer or want me to slave my bum of, request a tutorial here .in this truck, I'm no pro whatsoever but i have a good basic understanding on Hammer and I have had just about every possible error ( yer i'm THAT good :P ) so i can often help people overcome their misery. ( well that's what i think but i'm a cocky guy.. )
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2005 Jul 20 at 10:20 PDT

2005 Jul 30 • 75
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which mapper couldnt?

heres one about ladders i made the other day.. : http://raimap.freecoolsite.com/mappingguides/how%20to%20make%20a%20ladder.doc

raimap.freecoolsite.com will be updated with more tuts soon enough :P
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2005 Jul 31 at 02:50 PDT

2006 Apr 19 • 180
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how about you piss off we are under superjer's guides n tutorials. SuP's the MAN WHO'S THE MAN........SUPS THE MAN
2006 Apr 19 at 16:07 PDT
Tendrils McGee

2005 Mar 20 • 1375
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Or you can use www.twhl.co.za
2006 Apr 29 at 23:33 PDT
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