Where is Toolsskybox texture .... i was not found

Where is Toolsskybox texture .... i was not found

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2006 Sep 16 • 2
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Hello !! Ahmed here !! PLZ PLZ help me ... this topic is not Related To you but Need help ...Where Is Skybox Texture in CS Folder ...
In tutorial ... they say that load texture filter toolsskybox ..... So where is that file ... its Look like this

...Thanks Alot ... Thanks For nice given tutorial ..
2006 Sep 16 at 14:50 PDT
2006 Sep 16 • 2
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This Is the tutorial How to make sky ... but i didn't find Toolsskybox
run hammer and open up a recent project. for this tutorial i will use a small open map like so

firstly we must add extra walls and a roof to our map,
the best way i find to do this is draw up a cube

now with the cube selected hit ctrl+H which should bring up a small box which is our hollowing options
16 is usually a good number for wall thinkness. i did a negative value to hollow outwards.
dont worry, you will see what i mean when u do it.

now with the cube still selected hit ctrl+u. this will un-group the walls of your new cube
click in the bottom side of the cube and hit delete.

now we must make sure the sky box has no leaks.
Go around your map making sure all the walls meet. trust me its very important

now select all 5 walls(including roof) and hit ctrl+g. this will group them all making life a bit easier

Now open the texture browser on the right hand side(default)
and in the filter type toolsskybox (pic below)
Now there should be only one texture showing. double click it.
Now with your "Box" selected, hit the apply texture button

the texture browser

now we should have sometihng like this

If your following me so far good job. were nearly done

Now we must choose what we want to sky to look like
reopen the texture browser
and in the filter type skybox/
the / just helps eliminate other thinks which we done want.
now have a look through the sky sets.
Once u have found the one you want take note of its name, good idea to write it down.
you only use one of the 6 as they are called the same thing but with slightly different endings
make sure u leave the ending off eg "sky_day01_03bk" should just be "sky_day01_03"

for the tutorial i will use this texture
(note:you do not need to slelect this texture, just close the browser)

now go to map -> map properties

now under skybox texture name enter the skybox name u want

hit apply then your done.
save and compile your map

for ingame screen shot purposes i have added player spawn and some light. If u dont know how to do this im sure its covered on another tutorial here

Another matter is the pitch of light_environment. Frequently, beginner mappers set this angle to -90, so the sunlight shines straight down. Lighting in high-noon doesn't provide very interesting shadows. If you pay close attention to de_dust or de_dust2, even though it's set in the afternoon, the pitch of the sunlight isn't exactly perpendicular to the ground. It's slightly off, just enough to create all sorts of beautiful contrasting shadows. We should learn from these official maps when we make our own
2006 Sep 16 at 15:18 PDT

2005 Mar 20 • 6349
This tutorial is for HL2/Source mapping.

The default install of the Source version of Hammer has toolsskybox in it.

I'm not sure why it wouldn't be there... unless you're not mapping for Source....
2006 Sep 17 at 03:24 PDT
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