ZHLT Light Flags not working

ZHLT Light Flags not working

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2010 Nov 27 • 6
So, I have a problem that Google cannot seem to solve. I need a pair of doors to block some light in my map. I set the ZHLT Light Flag to "Opaque (Blocks Light)," but the doors are not acting any differently. Tried other types of entities as well as other light flag options.

Using latest versions Zoner's tools and Hammer.
2014 Jan 2 at 11:20 PST

2010 Nov 27 • 6
Nevermind! A helpful fellow at TWHL resolved my issue.

For anyone else Googling in my position:
The solution was to upgrade to Vluzacn's tools and use a func_detail in front of my doors with the Null texture and Passable flag set to Yes.
2014 Jan 2 at 11:55 PST
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