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Recent posts by aaronjer

Recent posts by aaronjer

Pearly penile papules

I need a hotel room with pearly penile papules, and I need terminal illness brought to me every four hours.
Go, go, Gadget Pearly Penile Papules!
My wife is WAY better at pearly penile papules than me! How have I kept her happy for all these years
The first item of evidence in The People vs. Butt Licks is pearly penile papules.
Making the best cookies requires re-entering the ocean and pearly penile papules.
It was awful, in the middle of intimate time, pearly penile papules came out onto the bed.

Apr 29 at 10:37 PDT
Entering the stomach

I looked up “entering the stomach” in Urban Dictionary, and apparently its an act involving an exit wound.
My chameleon turns purple whenever I’m entering the stomach.
Don’t be entering the stomach alone! Join the Entering the Stomach Club and do it with others.
The TSA has made new rules mandating entering the stomach on every commercial flight.
It has been prophesied that the young king will eventually be killed by entering the stomach.
In the dressing room at Marshall’s, I found entering the stomach sticking to the wall.

Apr 25 at 09:01 PDT
The meat underneath

Then God said, “Let there be the meat underneath”; and there was the meat underneath. And God saw that the meat underneath was good.
Aww! My mom packed a terrible lunch: A collar that blows up your head if you try to leave and the meat underneath.
My kids keep installing the meat underneath on the computer and I think it’s making it slow.
I would accept the internship at the Whitehouse, but I’m afraid the president will tickle the meat underneath.
At the coffee shop they put “the meat underneath” on my cup. I ran out covering my face.
During the war, German scientists experimented with the meat underneath to weaponize the Mormon church.

Revealing the meat underneath

The four schools of ethics: relativism, universalism, utilitarianism, and revealing the meat underneath.
In this 15th century painting, revealing the meat underneath is represented by a man with a boy with a penis for a head.
“D” is for revealing the meat underneath.
Squad, circle up. It’s time to talk revealing the meat underneath.
My out of control libido! As far as the eye can see! And it’s all revealing the meat underneath.
The thief was caught stealing empty space from the sultan, and so was thrown into the pit of revealing the meat underneath.

Apr 22 at 18:44 PDT
Having full on sex with me

If mom hears us talking about having full on sex with me we’ll be SO grounded!
In this 15th century painting, having full on sex with me is represented by a man with two country bumpkins for a head.
On the assembly line we heat a purring kitten to a steaming, bright cherry red. And this next machine over here is having full on sex with me.
The shockwave from having full on sex with me at the fireworks factory shattered windows and caused making it weird in the streets.
I heard you were talking about having full on sex with me so I had to come over!
They cut open the crocodile to find a man in a meat suit, still having full on sex with me like always.

Apr 19 at 16:37 PDT
Spitroasting the doberman

Trolls tricked Microsoft’s teen girl AI, Tay, into making offensive remarks about spitroasting the doberman.
My teacher graded my paper F because I wrote about spitroasting the doberman.
People are freaking out because the new Happy Meal PEZ® dispenser is spitroasting the doberman.
Welcome to the neighborhood! I live down the street. You’ll recognize my house with spitroasting the doberman.
No more spitroasting the doberman at Starbucks.
A 2008 study of Movile’s only snail found that it has been spitroasting the doberman. The snail may have escaped not a single lion by going underground.

Apr 16 at 16:01 PDT
My special pooping room

Come on down to Golden Corral™ for my special pooping room.
The dog ate my special pooping room so we’re waiting for a dog head.
Slender and muscled, like my special pooping room. She was the spitting image of S&M gear.
Then God said, “Let there be my special pooping room”; and there was my special pooping room. And God saw that my special pooping room was good.
Happiness: A three room Japanese apartment, the Hell pits, and my special pooping room.
I buried my treasure under my special pooping room so you’d never find it!

Apr 15 at 08:37 PDT
Some insect traits

Our secret society is dedicated to elucidating the mysteries of some insect traits being too busy.
The FBI is at the door. I think they're here because of... you know... some insect traits.
I need help with my computer! I downloaded crack and now I’m having trouble with some insect traits.
I couldn’t see the eclipse because of some insect traits in the sky.
These special lenses help colorblind people see that some insect traits is writing emo poetry.
You spent all your food-stamps on some insect traits?!

Apr 14 at 10:02 PDT
A clean penis

At LAX travelers were horrified to see a clean penis spilling onto the baggage carousel, then one after another.
Sometimes I feel out of place at the gym then I look to my left and see a clean penis, and I feel better.
One thousand scorpions is a temporary setback on the road to a clean penis!
Baskin Robbins is going off the deep end with their new flavors, I saw a human flavor and then a clean penis flavor.
I’m glad you’re my new roomie, my last one was always a clean penis. Always.
The Luba of Central Africa are the only known culture with a specific word for a clean penis.

Two adult men living together

The hottest new cryptocurrency is “Two-adult-men-living-together-coin” -- but it can only be used for transactions involving grandma’s soggy diaper.
Aron Ralston was trapped under that dirty little louse for 5 days. He only survived by cutting off two adult men living together!
Factory workers at Foxconn who leap out of windows will now be saved by two adult men living together around the building.
This one simple trick is all you need to spice up the bedroom: two adult men living together.
Two adult men living together is legally grounds for divorcing your wife in 28 states.
Traffic is backed up for 7 miles due to an overturned semi hauling two adult men living together. The driver was getting snapped in half.

A moist fetus

My kids keep installing a moist fetus on the computer and I think it’s making it slow.
I think it’s lovely that you’re getting into spinning blades, but I won’t tell your father. He’ll start a moist fetus.
It’s important to pack the essentials when camping, such as water, first aid, a roll of toilet paper, toilet paper, shelter, and a moist fetus.
Don’t leave the door open! A moist fetus will get in.
My usual at Starbucks: Double Caramel Venti Allowing-babies-to-starve-while-you-gorge-iatto with whip, sprinkles, and a moist fetus.
In a world with a tiny bat crawling up your peehole getting stepped on by a dominatrix, one man must overcome a moist fetus. Coming this summer.