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Recent posts by demeesterchef

Recent posts by demeesterchef

2009 Aug 18 at 00:28 PDT
Lacking performance in Hammer Mapping
Hello people i have a problem, i made a map but i have a slow pc so it's lagging the whole time.
My question: Is there a way to make my map less lagging?.
Maybe changing textures? Help me please
2009 Aug 4 at 00:48 PDT
Where do i download? in Hammer Mapping
Hi people where do i download new models, for hammer?
because i just downloaded 3.5 and i don't have any models like the crates, couch, computers ect. Can someone please give me a link to where i can download lots of these models?
2009 Aug 3 at 09:46 PDT
Buyzones in Hammer Mapping
Killer-Duck said:
You only need one. You can insert wherever you want as long as it is inside your map.

But what if i only want that 1 team has knifes?
2009 Aug 3 at 08:45 PDT
Buyzones in Hammer Mapping
Mate de Vita said:
demeesterchef said:
With the Give weapons to players on the start, do i need to tie it to a AAATRIGGER?

game_player_equip is a point entity, not a brush entity. So it can't be textured. So no.

EDIT: Damn. KD beats me again.

So.. where do i put the entinity?
Do i need a entinity for each player?
2009 Aug 3 at 07:22 PDT
Buyzones in Hammer Mapping
Mate de Vita said:
eDan Co. said:
Q. How do I change weapons players get/buy?

Disable buying
Create a func_buyzone brush-entity, and place it inside your map in a place inaccessible to players (inside a wall is good). This will remove the buyzones at all spawn areas in the map.

Place weapons on the ground
Create an armoury_entity (point entity) where you want the weapon to be. You can open the armoury_entity's properties to set what weapon will spawn (Item) and how many (Count).

Give weapons to players on start
Create one single game_player_equip for all players in the map. You can set what weapons will be given in the entity's properties, or even make the players spawn with sparks flying around!
Note the more than one weapon of each category can be given at once. e.g. A player can receive AWP, M4A1 and AK47 all at once!

Thank you Down Rodeo for the great inspiration!

With the Give weapons to players on the start, do i need to tie it to a AAATRIGGER?
2009 Aug 3 at 07:12 PDT
Teleporters in Hammer Mapping
Can somone tell me how to create a one way teleporter ?
2009 Aug 3 at 06:40 PDT
Buyzones in Hammer Mapping
I want that the terrorists don't spawn with any weapons excpet for the knife, How can i do that?
2009 Aug 1 at 04:42 PDT
Need Help With... in Hammer Mapping
Farmboy102 said:
Ok now how can I make a turnable wheel valve that one you turn it steam comes out of a pipe that activates a trigger hurt witch doesn't stop untill you turn the wheel back. I tried before but when I turn the wheel my while map rotates. ( Funny and weird I know...)

How did you let your map turn around? Can you tell it to me?