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Recent posts by leif92

2009 Sep 25 at 05:47 PDT
A few questions in Hammer Mapping
So I can only make invisible walls that I can shoot and cast nades true but not run true?
2009 Sep 24 at 14:31 PDT
A few questions in Hammer Mapping
Killer-Duck said:
1. http://www.chatbear.com/unity2/9/501,1239326276,26804/1078151/0#6

2. CLIP-brush. (Brush covered completely with the CLIP-texture)

5. Why not just ask on this forum how to make it?

2. How do I make a clip brush?

5. When I'm in mapping mode I would like find out fast how to make things
2009 Sep 24 at 13:07 PDT
A few questions in Hammer Mapping
Thanks alot so far
2009 Sep 23 at 12:08 PDT
Think you just can put them inside of eachother
2009 Sep 23 at 11:52 PDT
You can just put them inside eachother, but why do you need 400 nades? That have to be a hudge map, if its a small map you dont need more then 40 nades to kill everyone like many of the other nade maps
2009 Sep 23 at 11:39 PDT
Can't you just put out 40 of them in the Valve hammer, just stack them up? Dunno if its gonna make lag
2009 Sep 23 at 11:12 PDT
The nades refresh themself everyround, also at the same place
2009 Sep 23 at 08:54 PDT
A few questions in Hammer Mapping
Hi, just want to ask a few questions

1. How can I make my own skybox, want to make me a mario skybox since can't find anyone and just look to stupid on a mario map with a normal sky box :P

2. How can I make a wall I can shoot and throw nades true but dont run true it?

3. Can you turn teleports On and Off?

4. How can I can se the water from the sides? When I create it and dont got any object around it its invisible and can just se the texture from the top, not from the sides if you understand me.
Think it would been cool for portals.

5. Do you know of any programs so I can open .bsp files. No dont to steal their map, but maby how they have made some of the advance things on their map, that I dont have a clue to make my self.

6. How can I import my own sounds to valve hammer?

Everything if for Valve Hammer Editor 3.4 SDK
2009 Sep 19 at 12:52 PDT
Can't find my map in Hammer Mapping
Found out the problem it was something wrong with CS and I had placed the map in the wrong folder ^^

I feel so smart now:P
2009 Sep 19 at 12:33 PDT
Can't find my map in Hammer Mapping
It's not the map I guess, since I did try to compile a map file that works on the other computer and even that one dident work