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Recent posts by NoLimitADEON

2008 Apr 13 at 06:39 PDT
No there aren't errors, and this is for CS 1.6...

Anyway, it dosen't matter..i've found out what was wrong, u see, i've made a map that looked like the bombsite A in "de_train" map
and the trouble was the trains in the map, for some reason the bots can't learn it,anyway after i deleted the trains, it worked perfectly, with and without bots, now i just got to figure out what part of the train is not right(the brush, or the texture),i'll post my result...

Thank's to all who replied, apreciete'ya !
2008 Apr 13 at 03:17 PDT
Well sorry to say it did't work...the thing is the map won't let the bots learn the map at all, thus it dosen't have time to create the i don't have what to delete:(...whem the bots start to analyze the map, my CS blocks and i have to use the TASK MANAGER to shut it down....

Se la vie! (my french sucks!)
2008 Apr 13 at 02:54 PDT
Hmm...yeah...i'll give it a try..thanks allought for the reply man, i'll post again if it worked danke:D
2008 Apr 13 at 02:09 PDT
Well...that's just my map is small (kind of like iceworld)....and teleports?...hell i don't even know how to make one:))...the thing is it's small, it's indoor, dosen't have "teleports", "guns on the ground", not eve windows :))(only a small opening on the roof (wich i filed with sky texture) , but that's it, the players are not close togheter....Wy won't it work? (i made the map really detailed with brushes but I don't thing that's the cause)

PS : the map is 36 players...can this be a problem?...i've tried puting just 2vs2, but now my map dosen't work at all, it compiles, and evrything, but when i load it up, it dosen't want to work at all, not just with bots, but not even real players...DAMN!
2008 Apr 5 at 08:30 PDT
I've built 2 maps...on one of them i can play with bot's on it...But with the second one...after the bot's start to analize my Counter-Strike shut's down every time....WHY ? AND WHAT CAN I DO TO FIX IT?

PS :Without bot's my map works perfectly
2008 Apr 2 at 06:07 PDT
I've finnaly got the hang with VHE..and made my first reale detailed map....but i have a prolem....after I double-clicked the ".bat" file a err.file say's :

----- BEGIN hlcsg -----
Command line: hlcsg de_ADust2remake
Error: Entity 10 has no visible brushes

Error: No visibile brushes
Description: All brushes are CLIP or ORIGIN (at least one must be normal/visible)
Howto Fix: self explanitory

Plss help....
2007 Dec 11 at 05:45 PST
Hmm....i didt thought about that expanding thing....i think that's my problem...and yhea i think the map is a little to big...but is just a rough sketch still...but i'll make it work....thanks allought all of you who repllied back....i'm going to start workin on my map until i get the hang of it...and get it to work...see 'ya !...and thanks again
2007 Dec 9 at 05:53 PST
Hy my name is Adeon...and i've recently started building CS the way GOOD TUTORIAL...but i'm having a probem...When i made the ".map" and ".bat" files and extracted the "zhlt" etc....and doubled clicked on the ".bat" an "err" file appears and whe i read it it sayed "Brush entity 221...222...223...224...225...etc...out of World"....... I looked at the map in VHE...and there was no brush that was out of the grill...neither in FRONT VIEW , TOP VIEW...or any other...and any way not that much....plss somene help me...many of the CS players from where i come from are expecting this map...and plus that i have many ideeas about other maps...thanks