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2011 Feb 17 at 16:25 PST
water is so bright [1.6] in Hammer Mapping
Is there a way to make it so that when I have a really really dark room the water is not so bright as if it's perfectly light? I want it to be very dim and hard to see like everything else so it doesn't look so weird.. thanks
2010 Jul 1 at 16:29 PDT
Mod/Map help please in Hammer Mapping
Haha, well, I like the diversity of mods that the game offers. You could spend tons of money on games like nba live, madden, and stuff like that, or you could spend $6 and get them all, and as shitty as the plugins might be it's actually quite fun most of the time, heh.
2010 Jul 1 at 16:08 PDT
Mod/Map help please in Hammer Mapping
Yes paintball as well but that's nothing like handball :P I'd say your best bet is to ask somebody to modify the dodgeball for you.
2010 Jul 1 at 14:22 PDT
Mod/Map help please in Hammer Mapping
I'm pretty sure he was thinking off football, basketball, volleyball, dodgeball, or soccerjam, because those do exist. But handball? I really don't think that's been done yet.
2010 Jun 30 at 20:43 PDT
Mod/Map help please in Hammer Mapping
You could go to the AlliedModders community, google them. That's how you'll get started into modding, but it's a bit tricky for beginners. You can request the mod you want though and somebody may create it for you.
2010 Jun 30 at 16:43 PDT
Lightswitch in Hammer Mapping
Nope, the glass is actually in the middle of the dark room. It's very bright when the rest of the room is dark. Had the same problem with water too.
2010 Jun 30 at 14:35 PDT
Lightswitch in Hammer Mapping
Yay for another question.

My glass is perfect and partially see through when the normal lights are on, but when the blue dark lights are on, the glass is way too bright still. Any way to change that so that it's not so bright and ugly when the room is dark? Thanks
2010 Jun 30 at 13:26 PDT
Lightswitch in Hammer Mapping
Down Rodeo said:
It could well be a bug - there are many of them. You could try setting them to start on then triggering the light switch to turn it off, maybe? I've heard about funny things like this happening from time to time.

Well I found an easy fix like said in my edit, but thanks for this.
That was a really weird bug.. I set one to off and they all start off. :l But you really can't see blue light at all if you put it by a white light. Didn't know that.
2010 Jun 30 at 13:14 PDT
Lightswitch in Hammer Mapping
Haha, alright, I have some updates/new questions and something weird.

I fixed the lightning issue where it went through the door, with some googling I finally came up with the right answer, something that ZHLT had a nice feature for.

// Dont waste your time!
/ No more reason to read this, read bottom of post haha. \

But now, this is really weird. Before, when I answered my own question, everything worked smooth. The blue lights turned on and the regular lights turn off. Now, something is wrong and I didn't even change anything about the lights! No idea how this could have happened; and no, it's not because of what I did to fix the door problem, because I changed that back and this problem still happens.

I set all the lights to name "drlights", and have a button with a target to "drlights". If I set them all to start ON, it works no problem. But when I set just the blue lights to start OFF and the regular ones are still set to start ON, they ALL start off.. It's pitch black! As if by setting only the blue lights to start off, they are all set to start off (but they aren't, I checked!) Weeeird.

So to summarize that, the room now starts pitch black, and the only fix I've found is to set all the lights to "start on", which ruins the purpose of the lightswitch.


/e: Wow, I'm on a roll today with answering my own questions!
I still don't know why it stopped working suddenly, but this method worked too:
- I just deleted the names of the blue lights and set them to start on, so they were just regular blue lights with no special settings. Then I made the button only affect the regular lights. It works good because with the white lights on at the same time as the blue ones you really can't even see the blue light at all, but when the white lights go off you can see them perfectly.

Sorry if I wasted lots of your time!
2010 Jun 30 at 12:09 PDT
Lightswitch in Hammer Mapping
Down Rodeo said:
This is possibly the bet help post I have ever read skimmed. :)

Haha because I'm such a dumbass?
Sorry for the newbie questions, but here's another for anybody reading this far.

I have two rooms with a door between them. One room has a light, the other doesn't. But it's really aggravating, because the light from the other room shines through the door into my dark room even when the door is closed. It acts as if there is no door, but instead just an empty space. How can I make it so that light does not shine through my closed door?

Probably a simple fix that I just haven't learned yet.