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Recent posts by ritual

2008 Jun 7 at 04:49 PDT
help... quick in Hammer Mapping
nah not working man....... ill try reinstallin steam maybee its my cstrike folder???
2008 Jun 6 at 12:39 PDT
help... quick in Hammer Mapping
the third and fourth is the problem im talking about , incase u were wondering that is still it is not me moving my mouse and it dragin on action, it stays like that

2008 Jun 6 at 12:29 PDT
help... quick in Hammer Mapping
lol kk ill put a bunch up to show u what i wus talkin about

2008 Jun 6 at 09:08 PDT
Many to One in Hammer Mapping
here's wally if you don't have it

2008 Jun 6 at 08:56 PDT
help... quick in Hammer Mapping
i know this is gonna sound confusing and it allways does but please try to understand as best as you can

so i took a break from mapping for i unno couple weeks or so right, then i said well school is goin down so ill get back to it, i open up my inprogess map and what do i know the 3d is being dumb. when i move up or down in the 3d texture mode it only shows like 3-4 things (ex. a light entity (purpl), a car ( or half of it) ) when i try moving it right to left the colour of the car/entity skipps across the screen and does nothing, so then i though it wus hammer, so i re installed it ( nope didn't work), a friend gave me a tip (to copy the whole map and paste it into a new file map) din;t work,

but here's the twisted part, if i try making a new map from scratch ec. box or w/e it works fine on the 3d texture mode but if i try downloading a prefab or opening a previos map in 3d text mode it screwes up like before,

it works fine in 3d flat mode but messes up in text mode

someone please help asap , thanks

if u want pics leme know and ill post some up
2008 Mar 24 at 08:49 PDT
Some error.. in Hammer Mapping
the blue sky texture is in half-life.wad pack find that and download it. edan i mean it compiles fine no probs in hammer or compile but it causes my cs to crash
2008 Mar 24 at 08:33 PDT
Some error.. in Hammer Mapping
edan how do u run command line to check for errors since my map isn't opening?
2008 Mar 24 at 05:51 PDT
Elevator doors in Hammer Mapping
oh ok but the doors on every level idea fixes it so thnx
2008 Mar 24 at 05:41 PDT
Elevator doors in Hammer Mapping
could u try to group them ?? because i wus thinging of this and was wondering is=f u grouped them with 2 dif entities it should work in theoryy
2008 Mar 24 at 05:38 PDT
Some error.. in Hammer Mapping
put sky texture wich is just a blue texture wich renders a sky in the game and u have to put light_enviroments to + the easiest way to find a leak is to go to edit-select all and see if any red dots appear outside ur wall boundries , double check leaks, double check problems because sometime they say fixed but they arent , try to reconfig and post up ur log

**the easiest way to make a box around ur map is to make a cube and right click select hollow then type the thickness you want**