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Recent posts by Roam

2008 Nov 15 at 19:16 PST
Fallout 3 in Vidja Games
Bethesda just released their latest game, Fallout 3, for both PC and PlayStation 3/Xbox 360.

Has anybody played this game? What do you think...?

On a sidenote, Bethesda chose Istvan Pely as the lead artist/technical lead for Fallout 3!

Mr. Pely himself was a wonderful game-maker prior to turning to just computer graphics,he made leading technical contributions in the field. His two games Zero Critical and Symbiocom were also published by Bethesda.

Fallout3 was in development for 4 1/2 years.
2008 Nov 15 at 18:56 PST
Importing 3D models in Hammer Mapping
I move closer witht the camera but it doesn't make any difference.


It's very confusing.
2008 Nov 15 at 17:44 PST
Importing 3D models in Hammer Mapping
Well, thank you, it worked!

Yet there is another problem: I brought up the Object Properties window and I clicked on "Model / Sprite", then I selsected my model and I closed the Properties window.
But the model doesn't show up! After I close the window the model doesn't appear! It remains as a purple box.

Why is that? Does anyone know how to fix this?
2008 Nov 15 at 09:19 PST
Importing 3D models in Hammer Mapping

Unfortunently there is no 'Model/Sprite' either. Do I need to download any updates or something? What version of Hammer do you use?
2008 Nov 14 at 23:40 PST
Importing 3D models in Hammer Mapping
I was reading a tutorial on using the cycler_sprite, here;

The tutorial says I need to place a cycler_sprite and the I should go to its properties window & scroll down to the "sprite line".
I tried that but I scroll down and there is NO "sprite line". What's the problem? Do I need to use a special version of Hammer or do I need to install something? I'm using the Hammer Editor version 3.4
2008 Nov 14 at 19:33 PST
Importing 3D models in Hammer Mapping
2008 Nov 9 at 14:24 PST
Importing 3D models in Hammer Mapping
Hi Guys!