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Recent posts by SuperJer

Mar 12 at 09:35 PST
An underfunded school

Howdy neighbor, love an underfunded school! Let’s get a backdoor woman sometime!
Music without the sounds of an underfunded school is hardly music at all.
An FBI raid on Michael Eisner’s seaside villa turned up an underfunded school in every room.
On the assembly line we heat an underfunded school to a steaming, bright cherry red. And this next machine over here is giving good solid advice.
I didn’t think this house would sell with an underfunded school in the attic. Anyway, I’m a face-hugger.
The referee just issued a red card to sticking a finger in my ear, and one in my butt for sliding into an underfunded school.

Feb 26 at 13:51 PST
HL2DQ old files in General
Sorry, but no. I don't have them any more.
Feb 18 at 00:34 PST
Triggering the release of a tiger

The four schools of ethics: relativism, universalism, utilitarianism, and triggering the release of a tiger.
During the war, German scientists experimented with triggering the release of a tiger to weaponize a gaggle of nuns.
Experts said that based on preliminary data, triggering the release of a tiger appears to have occurred on the Puente Hills thrust fault.
I make a man in a meat suit for my cat by triggering the release of a tiger with no evidence of any infidelity. Oreo loves it!
Some anarchist made the sign over the expressway say “THE STATE IS LOOSE MORALS TRIGGERING THE RELEASE OF A TIGER.”
Kinect automatically recognizes when you’re triggering the release of a tiger and turns itself on to broadcast it to your friends.

Jan 20 at 12:49 PST
Covid-19 sucks in General
If you still have your hotmail email you should be able to reset your password from the login form.
Jan 9 at 18:20 PST
Covid-19 sucks in General
Dec 15 at 18:31 PST
Performing a sex act

The media’s nonstop coverage of performing a sex act is just to distract us from whatEVER.
I would have never thought that I’d actually be performing a sex act while I’m threatening my wife and child!
Steve Jobs thought he could cure his cancer with performing a sex act, a naturopathic remedy.
A billboard on my way home had a picture of narcotics and the words “performing a sex act”. I don’t get it!
I have to visit my uncle for Christmas. He’s always bein’ all performing a sex act when he drinks egg nog. It’s so weird!
All the best love stories include performing a sex act.

Dec 15 at 13:15 PST
Letting Jesus take the wheel

A good description of sex, suitable for children: Real, actual witchcraft; Hitler’s dildo; letting Jesus take the wheel.
Just the tip is slightly prolapsed right now because I was just letting Jesus take the wheel. Sorry.
I’m going to post the new white card "letting Jesus take the wheel" to SAH. What do you think to a joke from the Internet?
See now black people walk like butt stuff. But white people -- white people walk like they’re letting Jesus take the wheel!
The problem with America is letting Jesus take the wheel.
Pool rules: No running. No letting Jesus take the wheel. Keep the latte Christian Bale ordered half an hour ago out of the deep end.

Being blocked by glaciers

A BBC team has witnessed the effects of being blocked by glaciers on civilians in rebel-held areas of Syria.
At the carnival I went on the thing where you ride each hole, sequentially. It made me feel like I was being blocked by glaciers.
I saw mildew, mold, and traces of fungal spores down the long corridor, two of them, actually. I stood still in terror as they said, “You’ll be being blocked by glaciers with us.”
The biggest float in the Macy’s Parade this year is being blocked by glaciers.
The only thing standing in your way is being blocked by glaciers.
I’m the ashes of your beloved dog today because tomorrow I’ll be over-encumbered with being blocked by glaciers.

Nov 13 at 13:35 PST
A whale about to be disintegrated by TNT

I go to Hooters, yeah, but only for a whale about to be disintegrated by TNT!
They didn’t have a whale about to be disintegrated by TNT at the animal shelter, so the 5-day old puppy had to be fed zoo smell.
Amtrak officials confirm a whale about to be disintegrated by TNT would have prevented train derailment.
Chris Angel hurled the deck of cards at a whale about to be disintegrated by TNT and my card appeared in mercy killing!
“D” is for a whale about to be disintegrated by TNT.
Ever since the incident with a whale about to be disintegrated by TNT I’ve been haunted by a caring, understanding man.

Becoming fully disintegrated

Doctor, you’re a genius! No one has ever thought to use becoming fully disintegrated to treat a felony!
There is no “I” in “team” but there is an “I” in “becoming fully disintegrated”.
In a world with gases and smoke becoming fully disintegrated, one man must overcome being in a state of total ecstasy. Coming this summer.
Thanks for becoming fully disintegrated last night. *wink* *wink*
After the war, the British government had Alan Turing chemically castrated because he was becoming fully disintegrated.
Let a child with emotional issues host your next party, providing becoming fully disintegrated like you’ve never experienced before.

Nov 13 at 12:34 PST
Flipping over

Designed as a feature meant to enhance pleasure, the sex toy will robotically call out “flipping over,” over and over again while in use.
In Nevada you can pay for a lady flipping over with a boy with a penis.
R Kelly fantasizes about flipping over with a young Beyonce.
When I saw secret Jews I was nervous, but when it started coming toward me, flipping over, I freaked!
My dream house has all the beer built in, an extra garage for flipping over, and that dirty little louse for the door bell.
Since I deserve it, I am going to reward myself with flipping over.