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Recent posts by Synthetic

2006 Jun 30 at 22:18 PDT
Okay .. when i compile my map everything is fine . When i try to test it .. well thats where it screws up.. The error is

"Bad Surface Extents 1552/0 at position (-1153,1025,64)

whats with teh cords .. i mean i tried deleting surfaces , lights and entitys .. wont work... Ty in Advance
2006 Jun 30 at 15:53 PDT
Switches w/ Doors in Hammer Mapping
2006 Jun 29 at 15:41 PDT
Switches w/ Doors in Hammer Mapping
Okay can anyone tell me how to make a moving door when u press a switch . like it goes up slowly once u press the switch? Ty in advance
2006 Jun 28 at 02:45 PDT
Making Rocks in Hammer Mapping
"superjer" said:
Make a big brush with a rocky texture on it.

Use the clip tool and slice off all the corners at odd angles.


Here's a picture of me making the last slice on my rock:

Hint: Slice the corners in ALL THREE 2d views.

HINT 2: Never use the clip tool for non-natural stuff. It's ok for rocks and debris, NOT for everywhere. It can corrupt your map BAD if overused.

Jer..... Will you marry me?
2006 Jun 27 at 22:56 PDT
Making Rocks in Hammer Mapping
How do I make a big rock in my map ? Ty in advance
2006 Jun 27 at 15:34 PDT
Disabling Buyzones in Hammer Mapping
Well I just made an awp map , and then the spawns make it so people can buy , - how can i disable it?
2006 Jun 27 at 02:12 PDT
func_ladder in Hammer Mapping
What the hell is a func_ladder , i googled and looked at my entity , couldnt find any , i downloaded all hte advance entitys in the download page , but i coudlnt seem what it is. Anyone can help me make a ladder? Thanks in advance